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Start Selling the Promised Land

Our Aim

The aim of is simple, to save the planet from climate change. is focussed on a single issue, to dramatically alter how climate change policy is being presented to the public by governments and the media.

Trees From Above
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Stop Selling the Desert and start selling the Promised Land


Stop Selling The Desert

Our organisation’s name and slogan comes from the Exodus story in the Bible.

Moses persuaded the Jews to leave Egypt and face the Sinai Desert.

Moses did not say: you will wander the bleak and baking desert for forty years; there will be no jobs or food or water; you will depend on handouts from the Almighty to survive; you will not live long enough to finish the journey but your children or grand-children might.

Moses did not try to “sell the desert”, he did not focus on all the problems or even the solutions they faced. If he did, the Jews may never have left Egypt.

Instead Moses looked beyond the journey to the destination. He talked of “the Promised Land”, a vision of milk and honey.

We believe the approach to climate change should be the same, focus on the destination, the  promised land rather than journey.



New Policy Approach

Should we abandon existing climate change policy in favour of this new post-climate-change Promised Land approach ?

Absolutely not, we will never reach our goal without good policies.

But for discussions and public debate a new approach is needed, setting out a post-climate-change vision for the planet that people can understand, and enable them to internalise the effort and investment required to succeed.

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How We Work

StopSellingTheDesert.Org  lobbies government, large organisations and the media to convince them that the best way to generate public discussion and involvement is to present climate change policies in terms of the Promised Land.

If there is some way you could contribute to this vital work please let us know, via the contact page.

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Make a Donation

Help us turn around the Climate Change Policy debate.

A donation to our cause will enable us to lobby governments, the media and large organisation to radically alter how they present Climate Change Policy.

If we succeed public discussion and debate will, for the first time, be in terms everyone can internalise. 

We believe that even a small donation will have the largest possible impact on the Climate Change issue, simply because we target policy at the highest level.

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